A Comprehensive Guide for Your Senior Home Needs

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As the AARP reports, a significant 77% of individuals aged 50+ wish to age in place. However, the challenges that come with aging, such as diminished eyesight and hearing, cognitive decline, and mobility restrictions, often make it difficult for seniors to continue living in their current homes. Consequently, they must search for a more suitable residence.

In some cases, home improvements can be made to make a home more accessible as a person ages so they can achieve an independent lifestyle in their own home longer. Adding space for a caretaker might also make the transition of care easier.

In other cases, it makes sense to prepare for the next 3-5 years of potential care needs and the decision is made to move closer to a loved one or someone they can depend on for assistance. Did you know that with Prop 19 those 55+ and over can transfer their existing property tax base to an equal or lesser property value throughout the State of California? Not sure where to settle? You can move up to 3 times!

Planning can be challenging and difficult to address, but good news, there is help! To assist seniors in this process, caring.com has crafted a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that delves into the various aspects of aging in place. This resource covers essential topics, including the ideal location, home features to look for, professionals who can facilitate relocation, diverse home-buying options, and effective financing strategies.

Explore the full guide here: https://www.caring.com/caregivers/buying-a-home-to-age-in-place/

Should you have questions or need assistance with home remodeling, in-home care or assistance finding the right next home or community, we can help! We are here for you to help with your home needs through each stage of yours and your loved ones lives.