Your Kitchen: Love It or List It?

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But that kitchen....

Ok, so you've been home for about 6 weeks now and I'm sure you have spent a considerable amount of time in your kitchen.

You've cooked countless meals, cleaned countless dishes, stocked and restocked the pantry, learned how to use your InstaPot, the airfryer and probably baked some bread.

In all that time, did you ever say, "I love my kitchen!"? Well, maybe it's time to show it some love or find a new one! Either way, here are some tips to turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen and if you still don't like it, I can help you find a new one!

Remember, spending more doesn't necessarily translate into higher return when you sell. Here are some ideas that will help you get the most bang for your buck out of your kitchen remodel.


1. Update your kitchen cabinets

Remember updating doesn't necessarily always mean replacing. You can refinish, paint, or even reface certain cabinets that are the most prominent to update the look.

Replacing might be necessary if your kitchen is poorly designed or cut off from the rest of the house but the more you can reuse the better for your budget. In most cases, I have found that a good painter can spray an older oak cabinet and it will more miracles for giving your kitchen a facelift. You will want to hire a painter for this one. The last thing you want is unsightly drip lines running down your cabinets and rusty hinges poking out. 

Updating your cabinets with newer pulls or knobs will also help to freshen them up and make them feel brand new. One of my favorite places to go for new hardware is Rok Hardware in Irvine. They are super helpful and have an amazing selection for a great price. 


2. Add a high-design back splash

Glass Backsplash Kitchen


You can easily add a design element to your kitchen by adding a focal point via your back splash.

Many options found today are do-it-yourself and fairly easy to install. Features that include shimmering glass, metal tiles and reclaimed wood make for a fun way to spruce up the area of the house we all spend the most time in.

You can even use wallpaper, tile decals and laminate flooring for an easy addition.


3. Go with Quartz counter tops

Quartz Countertops Kitchen

Not only are they functional, in other words, a solid surface that you will not regret installing when your child beats up on it daily, but it is also very design-friendly. There are so many beautiful options today that emulate natural stone, ala marble, etc. and the neutral tones go with any color scheme, yet it is stronger and can take a beating.

Quartz counter tops are not inexpensive, however, this is somewhere you do not want to scrimp. You will be glad you did it, trust me!


4. Hang some amazing pendant lights

  Gold Pendant Lights Kitchen

Looking to add some glam to your life? Add some metal pendant lights. The trend right now is to add gold cabinet pulls and pendant lights. It doesn't have to be gold, but whatever material you choose to accent with make sure it is consistent in the same room.

Go big and bold, but make sure to scale the size of the pendant to the kitchen itself.


5. Paint and Create a Feature Wall!

  Paint Kitchen Feature Wall

This is the least expensive fix that will have the biggest impact. Either paint the entire kitchen or paint a feature wall. Choose a neutral color like white or pail gray to stay traditional or add a dark chic color like black or navy blue to make an impression on your guests.

Make sure to take into account the room that it faces and the impact on view points throughout your house. If one room is blue you wouldn't want to accent in a red or another dramatic color without considering the view from that room.

You can also use reclaimed wood on a single wall or chalkboard paint to add a creative element that you can update on a whim.

Still not quite what you need?

So after you've considered these options if you're still not satisfied with your kitchen, maybe it's time to consider a new one? I know some great contractors who can help you with larger updates. I can also show you some homes on and off the market that might better suit your needs.

In the meantime, enjoy that new loaf of bread in the oven and the loved ones sitting nearby ready to devour it...